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About me

Connecting to nature is my passion

A Well Balanced Life

Southwest Washington Realtor Kellia Nichols

Coming from a background in education, I believe knowledge is power. I pride myself on my ability to empower my clients by guiding them through the buying and selling process and in turn helping to minimize the stress that comes with the changing markets of real estate. My specialties are in residential properties, first time home buyers, land development and new construction.

I understand what it is that brings my clients to this area and its beautiful surroundings as I have been a resident of the southwest Washington area for over 25 years. I am also proud to support my successful community partnerships and local businesses by donating to the causes that I am passionate about such as the Cascade Forest Conservancy and the Heroes Northwest Team.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I spend my spare time in the woods with my family hiking, running, fishing, backpacking, and for the first time I will be hunting this fall. My husband and I are often referred to as glorified homesteaders as we like to grow and harvest most of our own food.

Together let me help you to support your future dreams.

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